ANDG’s Patented technology “AR-LINK”

Our AR-LINK technology, patented in Japan(No.6548241), is a simple way to share AR Creations.

AR-LINKs make sharing 3D environments easy for personal and business use. We want to hear from you and help develop your AR service.

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Script of the Video (English)

Hi! I am Hidenobu Mori, Director of ANDG. We do augmented reality.and AR-LINK is our next step into a world beyond.

Our AR-LINK technology, patented in Japan, is a simple way to share AR Creations.

Our AR-app lets you create AR adding virtual objects to real life with your smart device.

With AR-LINK Cloud save objects and their size, tilts and positions.

Content dataset are tagged and organized by Author-ID,image, text, handwritten memo, 3D object, audio file, video data, Geo location tag, and more.

So what makes ANDG’s technology different? Let’s ask some questions.

You want your work to be seen.but How can other people use your AR Creation.

How would you recreate something you liked?

And If you are a business or an app provider, how do you promote and share them over social media?

The answer to these questions is the core of our technology.

All the data associated with an AR object set is linked to a unique, shareable URL.

Once an AR object dataset is saved, a link is created.

This is why we call it AR-LINK.

AR-LINKs are text based, so they can be shared easily on social media.

When you access an AR-LINK, you’ll get that same data set to replay yourself in-app.

Also AR-LINKs can simply be downloaded.

AR-LINKs can have editing turned on or off. If editing is turned on, a new AR-LINK will be issued when saved.

Meta data of the authors and editors can also be saved.

If you wanted to sell your AR-LINKs, sales could go to authors and editors alike.

We developed this feature for creating AR videos, but there are so many possibilities.

AR-LINKs make sharing 3D environments easy for personal and business use.

Imagine sharing AR objects for puzzle quest on the street, or instructions for a machine at a factory, or AR product placement.

launch your next social media campaign by sharing your AR-LINKs.

We want to hear from you and help develop your AR service.







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